mooove vase (무브베이스) #1 #2

무브베이스는 흐르는 물, 산들바람, 흩어지는 구름 등

자연의 움직임과 궤적을 담은 꽃병 입니다.

화병에 빛이 들어와 그림자를 드리우면

가벼운 한 두송이 꽃을 특별한 주인공으로 만들어 줍니다.

천연 대리석을 정성스럽게 손으로 다듬고,

유리 장인이 직접 숨을 불어넣어 만들었습니다.

디자인등록 제30-1109030호 / 출원번호 30-2021-0012480호

디자인등록 제30-1109031호 / 출원번호 30-2021-0012479호

MOOOVE is a vase that represents nature’s movement and trajectory.
Its design is inspired by flowing water, breezes, scattering clouds, and the bounty of nature.
A single flower or a few showcase their extraordinary beauty when the light hits the vase and casts a shadow.
The natural marble is delicately hand-crafted and the glass is hand-blown by a master glassblower.

Product Features:

<Natural Marble Stone>
– This product is made of processed natural stone, so each product may have a different pattern.
– The crack observed in this product is a natural feature.
– The front side of the product is composed of raw natural texture.
So, some of the stone dust may fall off when you use it.
– The sides and back of the product are polished.

<Glass Ball>
– This product is made by handmade-blowing technique at high temperatures.
So, some small scratches, air bubbles can be observed.
– If water is continuously placed inside the glass, water stains may occur.
In that case, you can easily remove it with warm water and a soft brush.

<Best Handling Suggestions>
– Handle the product with care and avoid dropping to prevent possible injury or damage.
– Do not apply pressure or force to the glass as the marble and glass are separate parts.
– There is a slight gap between marble and glass.
This is how the product is designed and is not a defect.

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